"Creativity is a state of mind"

1999 was the year.
Oasis were still together, Steve Job’s Apple used to sell expensive coloured plastic instead of expensive grey aluminium.

The alternative Internet Browser was Netscape (R.I.P.)

There was no YOUTUBE, no FACEBOOK and Google was a little startup, we used Altavista to search the web.

There was no iPad, iPod, iPhone or iCarramba.

Cellphones were in black and white and they didn’t tweet.

Floppy disks were our USB flashdrives and The Cloud was just in the sky hangin’ around with The Eye by the Alan Parsons Project (god I love this song) and Lucy with her Diamonds by the Beatles.

That very year I made my first website (you don’t want to see it!) and I fell in love with the web and the incredible slownwess of the analogic connections.

Since then I’ve built a lot of websites, used a huge collection of software (but my favourite is still the text editor), designed tons of logos, wrote miles of code, revamped many corporate images and learned countless new techniques.

Everything I did was done with a simple set on ideas in mind:

  • Never abuse of the hypes of the moment (somebody remember animated GIFs galore times?)
  • Listen and understand the client’s desires
  • Study and analyse the client’s target audience
  • Develop an intriguing design with a sharp eye for the details
  • Deliver a top range product compatible with the largest set of devices.

Meanwhile I spread my skills in several more fields, like 3D Graphic, modelling and animation, Multimedia editing, and some programming.

Have a look at the portfolio section and feel free to contact me.

16 years and rolling!